Through our Cherished Values Character program we hope to instill and strengthen the values that have made the country strong. Our country's strength is in our values and we will remain strong only as long as the values that made us strong remain the center of our lives. A country's character is the combined characters of all of its citizens

            WHO ARE WE?
The Cherished Values Character program was developed by William Jenkins, minister, educator, writer and consultant. William Jenkins is the author of thirteen books, three of which have been used as college texts. He authored the books that serve as texts for the Cherished Values Character program. All of William Jenkins' books are rich with information and the wisdom he has acquired in his many years of working with people. He understands education, people, and the role values play in the lives of individuals and the life of the country in a way that few others can claim. William Jenkins has lectured at colleges and universities all over the country and continues to do workshops for schools and school districts on improving the educational outcome for all students. The Cherished Values Character program is a product of his deep understanding, and through it others can benefit from his wealth of knowledge.

Many who make up the Cherished Values Character Group are former students of William Jenkins, or educators he met while lecturing in their school districts. We are educators, parents, spiritual, civic and community leaders who are deeply concerned about the future of the country. We embrace a common core of values, a strong commitment to family, youth development, and responsible and positive citizenship. We are always looking for people like us to join us in our mission. As you become familiar with out work and mission through this website, we hope you would consider becoming one of us. Contact William Jenkins at


                                                                               OUR MISSION

        Our mission is to explain, instill, and strengthen these 25 values in every American child.

                   25  Cherished Values of the American People                                                     


1.     Life and human dignity                                                                       

2.     Religion and Religious Freedom

3.     Country and Citizenship                          

4.     Personal Freedoms                                   

5.     Respect for the Rights of Others                               

6.     Respect for Others' Property                                     

7.     Justice and Fair Play                                                  

8.     Motherhood                                                             

9.     Family                                                                       

10.   Respect for the Elderly                                             

11.   Taking Personal Responsibility                              

12.   Diligent and Honest Work                                       

13.   Knowledge    
14.   Contributing to Society

15.   Obeying the Rules

16.   Respect for Authority

17.   Taking care of our Environment

18.   Gratitude

19.   Humility

 20.  Loyalty

 21.  Compassion  (Kindness)

 22.  Worthy Accomplishments

 23.  Honesty and integrity in Speech and Deed

 24.  Courage

 25.  Virtue


Your character is the essence of your innerness; your behavioral DNA.

Values + Commitment = Character

 Cherished Values of the American People

                                      Essential Elements of a Character program 

Many programs promoted today as character programs are not really character programs, for their main focus is not on character. The main focus of a character program should be character; if it is not, it does not meet the requirements of a character program. Character programs have specific features that distinguish them from non-character programs. A true character program has four specific features.  

1.    It should have a working definition of character. It is impossible to intentionally recognize, instill, or develop character without first defining it.
2.   A character program should have content. Character has content, so a character program should have content. Content is the values or beliefs that are the motivations of a person's actions.  
3.    A character program should have defined behaviors (rules) that connect to content and definition. Values+commitment=Character.
4.    A character program needs to have an effective way of teaching the academic components of character, of influencing students to embrace the values that are the content of good character, and successfully encouraging behaviors that are in line with those values.
These four features are vital to an effective character program.

Our Cherished Values Character Program has these four components. We have the definition of character, the content of character (the25 cherished values), rules for appropriate behavior to go with each value, and texts that contain the information needed to build character with quality content.
If you want your group involved in a real character program, we can assist you in getting our Cherished Values Program started with your school or group immediately. All you need is the material.

The teacher's manual and both texts for students are easy to use and self explanatory. The Cherished Values Character Program includes important information and issues students encounter in practically all competitive schools. It even has writing assignments.

Western education is a body of information designed for people who have embraced a certain set of values and want to build a certain kind of society. The Cherished Values Character program is based upon those values. Students who embrace those values will do much better in school than those who don't. If you want to improve your school, academically, and in other ways, the Cherished Values Character Program is a great way to start. Contact us to get started today: