Values + Commitment = Character 

    I am an American graduate!!!


"The roots of education are bitter; but the fruits are sweet." Aristotle.

High school is designed for students to succeed, therefore, to fail in high school a student must work against the efforts of all of his teachers, and win.

The information on this page is in the book, Success in School, which can be purchased by schools in bulk. This book would be a valuable asset to any high school student.


1.   Attend school daily and be on time

2.   Go with the right attitude

3.   Arrive organized and ready to work

4.   Study to learn

5.   Make good grades

6.   Shut up and listen

7.   Develop and show good character

8.   Choose a favorite teacher

9.   Manage your time well

10. Set good goals and pursue them

11. Bond with good people

12. Stay away from drugs

13. Stay positive

14. Stay on task

15. Participate in sports or join a club

16. Believe that you deserve an education

17. Press on through discouragement (you will sometimes get discouraged, but hang in there. The ultimate destination is worth the trouble of the journey. Aristotle has rightly observed, "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet."


Each of these topics is addressed in detail in the book, Success in School, written just for high school students. The book is also summarized on youtube.

Your graduation is your declaration of the value you place on yourself and your future.

        Be an American Graduate 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          G.                                       G.E.D. compared to high school diploma
Some students get frustrated in high school and consider dropping out and getting a G.E.D., thinking they are the same as a high school diploma. There is a big difference between a high school diploma and a G.E. D. and I strongly advise any student who has a chance to get a high school diploma to do so.   A G. E. D. is not its equivalent.            
Your graduation from high school will say as much about the kind of person you are as it will about the things you are expected to know. There is a reputation and trust that come with a high school diploma that are not afforded to a G.E.D. Students who graduate from high school have proven they can take advice and orders from adults, and  that they can do what they are told. They have proven that they can be somewhere at a certain time over a period of time; and there is a record of where they've been and what they've been doing since the age of five.  And maybe, more than anything else, they've not had serious legal troubles that have kept them out of school. So, a high school diploma carries that message.
Students leave high school without a diploma for a whole host of reasons; some very good,  and some, terrible. A student may drop out of high school to help take care of a sick parent, or to sell drugs. He may miss time in school because he is in the hospital battling an illness or in jail for committing a crime. A great number of people don’t finish high school, and some of them get G.E.D’s. When you put yourself in that number, most people will not know whether you dropped out of high school for a good reason or a bad one; and few will investigate to find out. So, if you get frustrated with high school and consider going the G.E.D. route, reconsider, and do everything you can to graduate from high school. You owe it to yourself.
If it’s not possible for you to graduate from high school, then get the G.E.D. It is better to have a G.E.D. than to give up totally on your education. If you have to get a G.E.D. there is a way you can lessen the negative impact of a G.E.D., continue your education or training through Job Corps, trade school, college, or the Armed Forces. As long as the G.E.D. is the last academic accomplishment on your record, you will be defined by the G.E.D. and all the questions it raises. Once you successfully complete a college stint, Job Corp, Trade School, or Armed Forces, and demonstrate that you've learned the valuable lessons students are expected to learn in high school, you will, in effect, erase the G.E.D. from your record and all the questions it raises.  But, as I stated earlier, do your very best to get that high school diploma. You deserve it and you can do it. GOOD LUCK!!!        



 Cherished Values of the American People

Make graduation your destination.