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Contact us to find out more about the services we offer. We do workshops for educators on how best to best use the Cherished Values Character program and how to improve the academic performance of all students. 
To order materials or schedule a workshop for  educators, or presentation to students, e-mail or call us at the address and number provided.
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We highly recommend that you bring your school or group into our network of schools.
Your school can become a CVCP school by:
embracing the mission of the Cherished Values Group, and
purchasing the material and/or, receiving training for students and teachers.

Basically, if you're doing what we're doing; you are one of us. So, let's do it together for a more powerful impact.
Students from participating schools will be eligible to receive the Rod  Marshall Cherished Value virtue award that will be given yearly to the student at the school who best exemplifies the Cherished Values of the American people.
For more information about how your group could implement the Cherished Values Character Program, and to get materials and help doing so, contact us.

William Jenkins
Cherished Values Character Group
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St. Louis, MO 63156
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E-mail: william-Jenkins@sbcglobal.net

Character education is character information about appropriate character behavior in every situation.

This is a book of warm hearted wisdom that you will want to share with everyone you love, and everyone you want to become more loveable.

 Cherished Values of the American People

    Values +Commitment= Character

                                    Additional materials from William Jenkins

Years before developing the Cherished Values Character program William Jenkins was teaching at Parkway North high School in West County St. Louis and conducting workshops all over the country on effectively educating today's student, especially African-American students. During that time he wrote Understanding and Educating African American children, which was followed years later by What's Missing in the Education of African-American children. These two books are being used by school districts all over the country, and educators say they are the best books available on educating today's student. Both books address the challenges educators face in today's classroom and provide insight and strategies to help teachers and administrators create a school climate and develop student attitudes that lead to a much better educational outcome. For the educator, the time invested in reading these two books could well be the best investment you can make to yourself, your students, the school community, and the country.