Cherished Values of the American People

                                      Winning  Character Attributes

1.   Character is standing up for someone who's being bullied.
2.   Character is removing the soda can or paper someone else left behind.
3.   Character is keeping your cool when you are wrongly accused.
4.   Character is working as hard in school as your parents work on their jobs.
5.   Character is obeying the rules when no one is watching.

6.   character is congratulating your opponent after you have lost the competition.
7.   Character is doing your best every day in school.
8.   Character is treating others the way you would like to be treated.
9.   Character is paying your debts.
10. Character is keeping your promises.
11. Character is always telling the truth.
12. Character is being quiet in the theatre and library.
13. Character is saying thanks for favors.
14. Character is sacrificing to do something positive for someone else.
15. Character is sincerely apologizing when you have misspoken or misbehaved.

              Values + Commitment =Character 

                                               SERVICES AND MATERIALS

Our group provides services and materials to schools, churches, youth groups, and any group interested in instilling and strengthening these Cherished Values of the American people. Our character program has its own texts; one for elementary students, a more advanced text for high school students, and a Teacher's Manual. These texts contain the information needed to implement the program. In addition to the texts, we do workshops for teachers, and presentations to students on instilling values and improving academic outcome at schools.

In addition to our character focus, we have a special emphasis on high school graduation. The booklet, Success in School is  geared to that focus.




The character texts contain wonderful age appropriate information for students. The high school student's text provides an explanation of each of the values, their importance to the country, and their place in our history and culture. There are many wonderful and practical examples that clarify these values and their importance to the country. The teacher's Manual contains additional information on ways to implement the character program and has well over 50 writing assignments that are connected to the values.

A Little book for Big People and Success in School are two other books that go well with the character program. A Little Book for Big People contains many rich life lessons that are told in clear, beautifully written prose that students can understand, relate to, learn from, and be inspired by.

According to those who've read it, Success in School should be read by every high school student in the country. It is a handbook to help students navigate their path to graduation. It contains advice about time management, studying methods, choosing relationships wisely, getting through tough times, and staying focused on the goal of a good education and high school graduation.


Become better liked by becoming a better person!