Give me parents who want their children to learn, disciplined children who want to learn, and qualified teachers who want to teach them, and I will help you turn your school, regardless of it's location, or the color or financial status of the children, into one of the top schools in the country!

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"Great schools are developed from the bottom up and not from the top down.

Great schools have parents who want their children to have a quality education, who send them to school ready to receive that education, where they meet teachers prepared and willing to deliver that education, in a setting that is conducive to that education, in a community that values and supports that education. Anywhere these elements come together, a great school will be the result. To suggest otherwise is to contradict what we think we know about human nature and human potential."

William Jenkins

Years before developing the Cherished Values Character program William Jenkins was teaching at Parkway North high School in West County St. Louis and conducting workshops all over the country on effectively educating today's student, especially African-American students. During that time he wrote Understanding and Educating African American Children, which was followed years later by What's Missing in the Education of African-American Children. These books are being used by school districts all over the country and educators say they are the best books available on educating today's student. Both books address the challenges educators face in today's classroom and provide insight and strategies to help teachers and administrators create a school climate and develop student attitudes that lead to a much better educational outcome. For the educator, the time invested in reading these two books could well be the best investment you can make to yourself, your students, the school community, and the country.

William Jenkins still works with schools helping educators gain the understanding and develop the skills to be more effective with today's student. To inquire about a workshop or to purchase materials contact us at, or call us at 314-652-7933.

 Cherished Values of the American People